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How many weeks long is the Seminar?  When does the next Seminar start?  

The Post-Traumatic Winning Seminar is eight weeks long, all seminars for 2021 have been completed — we’ll publish the dates for 2022 shortly

How much time is each Seminar session per week?

Each Seminar session is ninety minutes long and begins at 5:30 PM Pacific Time for eight consecutive Tuesdays

What technology does the Seminar use to meet?

The Seminar meets via Zoom video call

What do I have to do to prepare for each week’s Seminar?

Seminar attendees are expected to watch a single video which is approximately sixty minutes in length to prepare for each session

Is there a fee for the Seminar?

Not at this time 

Who moderates the Seminar?

Michael McNamara

Who can join the Seminar and how do I join?

Anyone who wants to learn how to live a GREAT life after trauma has entered their life can join

To sign up for the next Seminar, email Mac at

Is there another group that I can join when I finish the Post-Traumatic Winning Weekly Seminar program?

Yes.  The “Post-Traumatic Winning Graduate Support Group” meets Monday nights at 5:30 Pacific Time year-round

Is there a Facebook Group that I can join to learn more?

YES!  Join the “Post-Traumatic Winning Seminar Support Group“… it is a public Facebook page that you’ll see if you click on the preceding hyperlink

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