My Wellness Dashboard

How do you drive the ship that is your life without a “bridge” to see what is ahead? Without a compass? Without a depth finder? Without any engine gauges? How could you steer the ship proactively? The Post-Traumatic Winning Wellness Dashboard is an effort to give you those tools.

OVERVIEW: Data Area with Notes, Weekly Graph & Monthly Graph

Here is the “big view” of the My Wellness Dashboard; you can see the three elements involved:

  1. The Data Spreadsheet where we log our daily data.
  2. The Weekly Wellness Barometer, where shorter-term tracking is displayed.
  3. The Monthly Wellness Barometer, where the same data is displayed but over the timespan of a month.

As I developed this tool, the goal was to help people see when they begin to struggle and help them avoid the meltdown, but as you’ve heard me state — it has turned into an instrument of proactivity for those who use it on a regular basis.

It takes less than 60 seconds to do this each morning for me!

Data Entry Grid & Notes


A simple tool that gives you a sense of where you are each day and will help you be proactive in your life.

The scale is from 1 to 10; one is bad and ten is great, five is average. Easy to do.

What it will do for you, as it has done for me, is force you to look at problems and act proactively relative to them.

I did not anticipate the proactive aspect of this tool, but for me, these numbers stick in my head, as does the question, “How do I get that number higher?” And low and behold, I figure out a solution or maybe part of a solution and I begin to take action on the issue… and the number goes up!


Click HERE to download the “My Wellness Dashboard” spreadsheet.

Weekly & Monthly Graphs are IMPORTANT!

Actually seeing the trendline of your life is important because it is part of what drives us to be proactive.

So many people I meet spend years struggling with problems, and I have found that as we actually SEE the impact that those problems have on our lives, we are moved to act on them.

Remember, Post-Traumatic Winning is about doing, about action, about creating a bias for action in how you live your life after you’ve been shoved into the Valley of the Shadow of Death.


Click HERE to download the “My Wellness Dashboard” spreadsheet.