Thanksgiving was a great week for me, and the then on Saturday it got a lot better.  In the space of about an hour I received an image from a Marine, you can see it to the left.  How many ways does that make your heart swell?  Once for the fact that that Marine is changing someone’s life.  A second time for his Aunt and Uncle who heard the message and that it resonated with them.  A third time that the impact was significant enough for them to post the “3 Goals & 10 Commandments of Post-Traumatic Winning” in their home.  Not sure if I can put the impact seeing this had on me — it was AWESOME!

About an hour later I received a screenshot (to your right) from someone I had shared the picture I had received earlier in the day (the one to the left) with.  For the second time in an hour I was reading about someone who had seen the Post-Traumatic Winning presentation and had then changed someone else’s life.

I describe events like this as “good on top of good on top of good on top of good.”

Happy Thanksgiving!