Anne Germain is the Co-Founder and CEO of Noctem, she’s a sleep research expert who has been studying insomnia and PTSD in the military for 20 years. Her company was recently awarded a $2 million DOD contract to study a group of 800 Sailors and Marines in the most extensive sleep trial that the DOD has ever undertaken. A recent article in Military Times discussed her past success, “achieving great results within only four weeks of commencing treatment, a success she hopes translates to this larger sample size” — and we’ll talk to her today.

In this interview Anne talks about the problem of insomnia, why veterans and first responders are so often impacted by insomnia and how Noctem intends to “scale” its approach to have an impact the thousands and thousands of veterans affected by insomnia.Finally, we’ll ask Anne how each of us can benefit from the work that Noctem is doing.