THIS ASSOCIATED PRESS ARTICLE OUTLINES PRESIDENT TRUMP’S DECISION MAKING PROCESS FOR THE SYRIA PULLOUT:  Trump call with Turkish leader led to US pullout from Syria (click to read the article)

THIS ASSOCIATE PRESS ARTICLE OUTLINES AMBASSADOR MCGURK’S RESIGNATION IN PROTEST OF THE SYRIA PULLOUT:  Official says US envoy for anti-Islamic State coalition, Brett McGurk, has quit; more fallout from Trump’s Syria pullout (click to read the article)

History has judged Colin Powell harshly for his lack of moral courage when he caved into the neo-cons of the Bush Administration and carried their water to the UN with that ridiculously weak WMD information which paved the way for the United States to destabilize the entire Middle East.

History has judged Barack Obama harsly for his abrupt departure from Iraq which paved the way for ISIS in Syria & Iraq.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo & National Security Advisor John Bolton both stand at a similar fateful position today — a historical fork in the road. Do either have the moral courage to do what is right for the nation and our allies?  We’ll see. President Trump’s reckless actions relative to Syria are outside the limits of what serves the United States of America and the free democracies of the world which America leads.

The Secretary of Defense has resigned because he’s a principled leader, no longer able to be a part of President Trump’s recklessness in Syria & Afghanistan; a President who acted on his own in this instance, defying every member of his National Security Team and Cabinet.

Ambassador McGurk has resigned within the last hour.

By the way, I’m a conservative and a Marine veteran of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the tune of about three years of my life.

Michael F. McNamara