While in Washington DC Mac made a visit to the Walter Reed -Bethesda National Military Medical Center to have lunch with Bob Nilsson and Pat & Patty Horan.  Pat was medically retired from the Army due to a gunshot wound to his head which resulted in a traumatic in Mosul, Iraq in 2006; and both have been guests on ALL MARINE RADIO previously.  The conversation over lunch yielded some surprising things, but most surprising was that (1) Patty planned and executed Pat’s rehabilitation program and (2) there is no “Introduction Seminar” for spouses or families of our wounded or injured warriors, each learns the DOD healthcare system and the VA healthcare systems on their own.  WTF?!

During this segment of ALL MARINE RADIO Mac & the Gunner discuss those two issues as well as what the Gunner had to go through to get his Botox injections approved by the VA.  We’re not VA or DOD hating, but it is frustrating and it can be better.  We talk about it.